How to Add Products to Facebook Page

How to Add Products to Facebook Page: Are you a marketer or business owner out there who sells products to other customers? Have you ever thought about setting up a Facebook page? The popular social media site, Facebook, has created a platform that allows Facebook users to create a page where they can sell and market their goods and service. For you get started with this you need to understand everything about selling on a Facebook and How to Add Products to Facebook page for sale.
How to Add Products to Facebook Page
A Facebook page is one big way to announce and advertise your profession, business, products, services and every item you have on sale. Setting up your business on this page medium actually helps your business or brand reach thousands of people from all over the world. This is one great chance to enlarge the coast of your customer base easily, and it takes just few minutes to get started.
Once you have created your Facebook page and open the shop tab, you have to add the products you have on sale to this shop in order to let your customers, friends and fans that you have got items for sale. It is absolutely simple and easy to do so! So, before we look at the ways involved in adding items and goods to a Facebook page, let us look at how you can get your Facebook page and a shop in it.

Create A shop in Facebook page – How to Add Products to Facebook Page

Firstly, before you can add products to your Facebook page, you have to create a shop in it first. It is simple and easy, just carefully follow the listed procedures and before you know it, you are there! you have to know how to create the shop before you can know How to Add Products to Facebook Page.

Create the Shop

  1. Log into your Facebook account and go to your Facebook page
  2. Once you are on your page, by the left-hand side of the page, click on “shop”
  3. If you could not find it that way, then go to the page settings
  4. Click on “Templates and Tabs”
  5. Apply the shopping template and save
  6. Once you have gotten it, you can click on it.

Setup Your Shop Information

  1. Open the shop tab and click on “Get started”
  2. You will be prompted to provide details about your business, such as country, business type, address, then click on “next”
  3. Enter the state your business is located and the state tax registration number, click on “next”
  4. Enter your preferred currency and email address, click on “finish”

Configure Your Payment Processes

  1. Click on “set up payment”
  2. Enter your business name, your legal name, middle name (optional), last name and identification number
  3. Click on “save”
  4. Link your bank account and save
Set up your shipping settings and you are done
Now that is it! And we finally go to the last step

How to Add Products to Facebook Page

Now you are set to start selling your items on Facebook. You have to upload your items and products on your Facebook page. Now here’s How to Add Products to Facebook Page.
  1. Open your page and click on “shop”.
  2. Click on “add product”.
  3. Add videos or images.
  4. Add the details of your products and click on “Edit variants” to adjust any change, such as size and color of the products.
  5. Make a choice of the shipping system and save.
  6. Once your item is viewed and approved, it will certainly be shown on your shop.
  7. Your customers can then order from here.

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