How to Unfriend Someone on Facebook?

Today, you realized that your Facebook account had become a bit over crowded with people polluting your feeds with their game activity. Of course, you could have chosen to Unfriend Someone on Facebook Without Actually Unfriending Them from your friend list, but you wanted to trim it up a bit just to keep things in control. You had been feeling that way for a while, but the problem of trying to clean up your friends list is that it feels like quite a daunting task. Here's how to unfriend someone on Facebook. Following two method below: 


Step 1, tap here and go to your Friends List

Step 2, choose a person who you want unfriend (I choose Siemy Veltmem ), tap Friend

Step 3,  tap Unfriend

If you have too many friends, you can enter your friend's name on Search Box

Tap your friend and go to her Timeline 

Tap Friends

Finally, tap Unfriend


Method 1 

Go to Timeline of your friends (who you want to unfriend) 
Click on the Friends menu ~> choose Unfriend.

Method 2

Click here and go to your Friends List

Choose Friends you want unfriend (here is Bridgid Anne) 
Move on your move Friends option right ~> Unfriend.


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