Requesting to make my Band's page official and Verified On Facebook

At this time Facebook are not accepting applications for the blue verification badge. There are other ways to help let people know that you're authentic.
For example, you can link to your Facebook profile or Page from your official website, Instagram profile or Twitter account. The verification badge is not available to all regions and there is no information on when this will be available to those regions. There is no other process to try and verify a Page outside of the regions that currently have this available.

Please note that no one can buy a blue verification badge, do not engage with anyone or any business that states that they can get you a verification badge in exchange for money. Any accounts associated with selling blue verification badges are subject to removal.

We can remove a blue verification badge from accounts at our discretion.

If you are a business you can apply to have the grey badge verification. If you are unable to verify your business through the phone process the next available process is to send in the documentation. That is the only other way to try and verify your business.

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