I want to join a group on Facebook.

To join a group, go to a group and click + Join Group below the cover photo.
Depending on the group's settings, you may have to wait for a group admin to approve your request.
Keep in mind when you join a group:
  • People may see when you join a public or closed group or that you're a member of that group, like in News Feed or search.
  • When someone adds you to a public or closed group, others may see that you've been invited (ex: in News Feed or search). Once you visit a group you're invited to, you'll become a member and other people may see you joined.
  • Certain groups on Facebook have their privacy setting set to secret and may not appear in search results. You can see them once a group member adds you
Note: You can join up to 6,000 groups. Once you reach this limit, you'll need to leave some groups before you can join new ones.

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