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There are numerous circumstances where we are not ready to offer our individual or perhaps primary telephone number on public platforms. One such platform is Facebook.
This is a social networks platform from where any private individual can get access to your personal information like the contact number.
Thus, personal privacy is the significant issue for all Facebook users. So, it is suggested to keep the personal privacy setting of your account stiff.
Create New Facebook Account 2017

Create New Facebook Account 2017
And the procedure begins while registering for Facebook. While you are expressing yourself, Facebook provides you two choices either you can supply your e-mail id or contact number. So here is a method you can prevent providing your individual contact information to Facebook and still produce an account.

Create New Facebook Account 2017

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STEP 1. Use ThrowAwayMail, This site develops a temporary e-mail address. So go to and copy the e-mail address provided on the package.

Create New Facebook Account 2017

STEP 2. Create An Account on Facebook Now on the Facebook site, fill the information for registering. While getting in e-mail id, paste the short-term mail you have received from Then, click Register. Create New Facebook Account Facebook 2017.

Create New Facebook Account 2017

STEP 3. Avoid the providing contact number alternative, Once you are finished with the above procedure, Facebook will ask you to enter your phone number for fast creating of your account. You can avoid this phase quickly.

Create New Facebook Account 2017

STEP 4. Confirmation Now, Facebook will send you a confirmation email to the offered e-mail address. You need to go back to and click the email. You'll get a confirmation number which you need to go into in the dialog box on the Facebook site. When this is done, you ready to go!

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