Blocking Friends on Facebook

In Facebook, people can message, poke, invite and share things with each other. Facebook is the world most used social networks. That’s why it contains a big number of users from all around the world. Every person is different and some are offensive. You may get hurt by any Facebook users. They could be your Facebook friend or not. But you can block any user on Facebook, using your Facebook account.

Eventually, when you block someone at Facebook, they automatically get eliminated from your friend’s list. Don’t worry, he or she won’t get notified that you have blocked them. Everything will be in peace.

Here we have given the full process of the method.

Step 1: Go to and just log into your Facebook account using Facebook Login process.

Step 2: Then click on the marketed question sign.

Blocking Friends on Facebook

Step 3: Chose Privacy shortcuts to option from the menu.

Blocking Friends on Facebook

Step 4: Click on ‘How do I stop someone from bothering me?’.

Blocking Friends on Facebook

Step 5: Now a blank box will appear. Just write the name of that person whom you want to block. Then click on the Block button.

Blocking Friends on Facebook

Step 6: Then find that person from the list and click on the Block button again.

Blocking Friends on Facebook

Step 7: Click on Block button to confirm the blocking that person.

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