How to Sign In to Facebook Messenger

 How to Sign In to Facebook Messenger
How to Sign In to Facebook Messenger
You will either be prompted to enter your username and password, or to confirm who you are logging in as if Facebook recognizes your device. 

Signing In to Facebook Messenger for the First Time

You may be prompted to enter your Facebook username and password, or if you've had another Facebook product installed on your device, you may be recognized and asked to confirm who you are logging in as. Either enter your username and password and follow the prompts to continue, or tap "OK to confirm your identity.

 You can also select "Switch Accounts" at the bottom of the screen to log in as another user.
Once logged in, a dialog box will appear asking for your permission to let Facebook access your contacts. This will enable Facebook to find your contacts within Facebook and make them available to chat with via Messenger. Tap "OK".

Another dialog box will then appear asking your permission for Facebook Messenger to send you notifications. This is an optional feature, but a good one to take advantage of if you want to be notified when a contact its initiating or replying to a conversation on Facebook Messenger. If you do permit Facebook to send you notifications, an alert will appear on your home screen whenever a new message is waiting for you. Tap "OK" to enable access, or "Don't Allow" if you'd prefer not to receive notifications from Facebook Messenger.

Once you've finished the setup, you'll see your Facebook profile photo and the text "You're on Messenger." Tap "OK" to continue and start chatting.

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